Toxic Relationships – cycle of destruction

Toxic relationships result in individuals entering a cycle of destructive and angry exchanges and interactions. Often one partner is more passive or feels overwhelmed and overpowered by the other and finds themself caught in a complex spiral of interactions that only leave them feeling deflated, self-loathing and disempowered.

There are indications that the more dominant partner is narcissistic and uses a range of verbally (or often physically) abusive and violent methods to overpower their partner.

Toxic Relationships

If you are in a toxic relationship , whether feeling overwhelmed by a partner or realising a sense of being the bully, counselling is a valuable way to break the cycle and for each person to become empowered in a more constructive way. Often however, the dominant partner doesn’t seek help and it is up to the other person to find the strength to seek help but that can prove invaluable and enormously beneficial.

Toxic Relationships in the Workplace