Toxic Relationships – Doomed or Redeemable?

Toxic relationships are those where there is animosity, anger, bitterness and resentments.? They occur for many reasons but they are always damaging to the partners involved.? These relationships continue for many reasons; the partners are addicted to a yo-yo pattern of bitterness and resentments accompanied by periods of romantic make-ups.? Others exist because one or both partners have such low self esteem that they secretly morbidly fear being alone.

Guilt, blame and anger only escalate where problems are not resolved and healthy boundaries and rules re-established.? If you recognise your relationship as being toxic,? it is wise to find out why you are staying in a relationship that is so negative.?? Without proper resolution, the partners always go on to become more anxious, resentful and suffer physical as well as psychological ill-health.

Ending a Relationship