The Ultimate New Year Resolution

New Year Resolutions are made in an attempt to improve some aspect of your life.? However, they are seldom kept because whilst you may have good intentions, unconscious counter-intentions sabotage your success.

This year, change how you make New Year resolutions.? Become 100% responsible for everything that happens in your life.? Have you ever noticed that when you have problems, challenges or difficulties YOU are always present?

This doesn’t mean you are to blame for everything – it means you have a part in co-creating everything in your life.? Don’t despair at this – embrace it since if you create things, you can also un-create them and create something new.? So however you want things to change in the New Year, start by becoming 100% responsible for your reactions to whatever comes your way.? You may find that counselling or coaching is needed to get you started – if it is, then embrace this as an important investment in yourself.

Why do I feel guilty?