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What Mental Diet Are You On?

What Mental Diet Are You On?

Anxiety is a physical and psychological experience which can rise and cause panic attacks. Because so much is written on it in the popular media, it seems that everyone has become a psychologist and immediately looks for psychological reasons for it.

However, whilst self-reflection and examining one’s current circumstances is enormously valuable, I would like to offer something important in how anxiety is often exacerbated.

What mental diet are you on?

We all know that our physical diet is important – a few days of overindulgence or with too many sweet or rich foods, makes us feel tired or sluggish. We need good fuel if we are to perform at our optimum. In the same way, what we feed ourselves mentally is essential for our psychological wellbeing. If we feed ourselves on negativity, trauma and distractions, there is no doubt that we will, over time, feel anxious, negative or even depressed. Watching the news repeatedly, filling our minds with trauma or fear – if only fictitious through a movie, has a negative impact on our outlook on life.

When we view information about an earthquake or tsumani, it is understandably tragic and distressing but to watch it over and over again, makes us more fearful of such a situation or even our ability to trust anyone or anything. We simply feel anxious. As with our physical diet, we feel unbalanced, exhausted and with indigestion.

Whilst I think it is important to be informed of what is happening in your environmment, I suggest you limit filling your mind with negativity and trauma, instead take inspired action to improve your life, those of people you care for and even offer your services to the community – contributing to others reminds us that there are some wonderful things happening in the world as well as trauma, fear and limitation.

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Written by: Clare Mann